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Business Fee Schedule

Business Accounts   
     Business Savings minimum balance charge  $3.00/month 
     Business Checking  $10.00/month.
         Waived with less than 100 transactions monthly  
     Interest Business Checking  $10.00/month.
         Waived with $5,000 balance requirement  
Money Market Accounts  
     Money Market Minimum Balance Charge $15.00/month
         Waived with $1,000 minimum balance  
    Premium Money Market Minimum Balance Charge  $15.00/month
         Waived with $10,000 minimum balance  
    Prestige Money Market Minimum Balance Charge  $15.00/month
         Waived with $50,000 minimum balance  
    Premier Money Market Minimum Balance Charge  $15.00/month
         Waived with $100,000 minimum balance  
Online Banking Services   
Online Banking  FREE
     Standard BillPayer FREE
Business Cash Management  $20.00/month
     Business BillPayer  FREE
     GO ID security token replacement  $10.00/each
     Electronic tax filing  $10.00/month
     Wire processing  $10.00/month
     ACH processing  $25.00/month
     ACH item processing  $0.05/item
     Account reconciliation/positive pay  $75.00/month
Remote Deposit Item Capture (RDIC)  $40.00
     Additional depository account  $5.00/month/location
     RDIC Check 21 item processing  $0.11/item
Other Service Charges   
     Reissue card or PIN  $5.00
     Empty envelope deposit  $100.00
     Foreign balance inquiries, withdrawals, transfers  $2.00
Business BillPayer NSF  $33.00
Counter check - pack of 10  $5.00
Dormant checking account  $5.00
     (no activity for 24 months and balance less than $1,000)  $2.00
Early account closure within first 6 months of account opening  $100.00
Inactive checking account  $2.00
     (no activity for 12 months and balance less than $1,000)   
Night drop deposit   
     Nylon locking bag  $25.00
     Nylon locking bag replacement key  $5.00
     Vinyl, non-locking bag  $5.00
     Night drop deposit replacement/additional key  $5.00
Non-Sufficient funds  $33.00
Official check  $5.00
Overdraft transfer from savings or line of credit  $6.00
Reopen account closed by Financial Center due to adverse usage  $50.00
Research fee  $30.00/hour
Returned deposit item (third party returned)  $15.00
Returned deposit item (written by member)  $33.00
Statement copy or history  $5.00
Stop payment  $33.00
Wire transfer   
     Outgoing domestic  $25.00
     Outgoing international  $40.00

Effective Date 11/1/12

Your savings federaly insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government: NCUA, Equal Housing Lender, ESI