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Lending Specialists

NMLS Information

Dustin Beaman NMLS 1016328
James Davidson NMLS 852193
Alexander Davis NMLS 1120531
Kristy DeLong NMLS 1019209
Marco Dominguez NMLS 818339
Jessica Ellis NMLS 409129
Shameka Evans NMLS 792454
David Fridley NMLS 893677
Leslie Gary NMLS 535683
Andrea Harmon NMLS 535685
Deborah Harper NMLS 535686
Veronica Howe NMLS 535693
Toya Hutchsion NMLS 1113951
Gina Johnson NMLS 535688
Danielle Lasley NMLS 535689
Jessie Lewis NMLS 833772
Mike MacDonald NMLS 535690
John McGaughey NMLS 848586
Tim Michael NMLS 535691
Dory Oda NMLS 410033
Katie Parker NMLS 1016329
Kyhle Porter NMLS 1016685
Olivia Schaefer NMLS 893676
Sherry Sigler NMLS 535696
Donna Sullivan NMLS 409704
Melody Syck NMLS 535698
Nathan Traxler NMLS 816372
Eric Vermilion NMLS 535699
Becky Williams NMLS 535700
Blake Williams NMLS 893678
Dewey Williams NMLS 535701
Jeremy Wilson NMLS 1019208
Zachary Wilson NMLS 1110801
Ken Yedlick NMLS 535702
Shatanna Young NMLS 1150141

This is the NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry) information for our Credit Union. For further information, please contact us at 317.916.7700 or 800.473.2328. 

Your savings federaly insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government: NCUA, Equal Housing Lender, ESI