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July 15, 2014

Enjoy the Summer and Spend Less

After this brutal winter, all Hoosiers want to be outdoors as much as possible. We are planning more vacations and take some relaxing time off. This means we are spending more and working less. Our cash flow might not be as abundant. Yet, we do need to treat ourselves to the wonderful weather we have been having. You might be asking yourself this question. How do I enjoy the summer without burning a hole in my pocket? To answer this question, we want to offer five ways to enjoy the burn and keep your pocket holes intact.

Set a budget. This might sound trivial. Yet, you setting a budget will help determine which activities are highest on every family members’ wish list. A budget helps organize events you have to do versus what you want to do. This could include graduation expenses, lawn expenses and so on. You might have enough left over to go to Holiday World or take a mini trip.

Plan vacations early. When you plan and book vacation early, you can take advantage of special deals. The long run you will saving money because you are not making rash and stressed decisions. You can compare options.

Stock up on summer supplies. Hit the special offers before, during and after summer. You might be surprised how much you will save if you wait during the right sale times. Make sure to save receipts if you do change your mind. Otherwise, you will be stuck with a summer item you don’t want to around. For example, horrible looking floaties could traumatize your children.

Go green. Plant a garden and improve your yard. You will be surprised how much you could save by putting your back into it. Your neighbors and your belly will appreciate planting a garden.

Plan a staycation. Visit or revisit local parks, museums and cultural events. Many cities and suburbs have a lot going on during the summer. Activities can be for families, couples, sports enthusiasts, comic book enthusiasts and so on. Check out the local newspapers and events companies to find what is going on around you.

We hope these tips will help you remain financially healthy and enjoy the wonderful summer weather.

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